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Barney's of Bookham the closest cafe to the Hume Highway between Melbourne and Sydney. Across the road from the Bookham Rest Area and looking across to the historic St Columba's Church, the café, with its trees and greenery, is a peaceful haven for highway travellers. It is roughly 3.5 hours from the centre of Sydney and double that from Melbourne.

With plenty of space for roaming, Barney's is a pet-friendly stop. The cafe is named after a much-loved Australian Terrier (since replaced by Leo, another much loved Aussie Terrier.) In the café, you'll notice Jillian Clarke's screen prints of Yogi Dog, Chilli Dog and Hot Dog to remind us of Barney.

Barney's has already notched up a colourful history since Marguerite Julian opened it twelve years ago. Marguerite, who grew up visiting the local 'Bookham Store' as it was then known, has recently taken back the reins after leasing the cafe for most of the last decade. With the help of champion cook and cafe manager, Karen (Kaz) Ashlin, we offer fresh, new dishes while retaining the old favourites such as the Barney Burger.

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